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we come back, you are not the father. and then, somebody bursts out in tears. we'll get you help. we'll find out who the father is, we'll bring in the next three, four, five guys and find out who the father is. >> how long has it been on tv. >> sean: it doesn't matter. not looking to help people, looking at ratings and making money. i'm thinking as a society this is going to the lowest common denominator. >> obama and michelle, would they allow their daughters to watch this program. where is jesse jackson and al sharpton, where is the outrage. >> is this stereo type, she mentioned race one of the women we interviewed. do you think it has anything to do with this? i don't see this as race related? >> it's people making deplorable, ridiculous, irresponsible decisions and it's outrageous to be-- paying these people money to be on a tv show, glorifying this kind of behavior. >> he takes care of his family, he takes care of his kids. but he takes care of them, he's not octo-mom which were
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you just talking about. >> sean: thanks, guys. greta is next, see you back here tomorrow night. >> tonight, could it be possible, could retired fbi agent bob levinson be alive after all these years, captive in iran? and is the united states doing anything about it? we have new photos tonight of levinson who vanished in iran almost six years ago. his wife christine is here and we'll hear from her in just a few seconds and plus, there's much more ahead. "on the record" starts right now. now. >> . >> greta: we've all seen that map by a new york newspaper pinpointing the addresses. and that plan is back firing, nearby inmates appear to be using that information to intimidate the guards. >> we know where you live, where your family lives. we can retaliate if we choose to. >> jodi arias facing charges that she murdered her ex-boyfriend, but her defense team argues she acted only in
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self-defense. >> she is changed her story, that's not consistent with self-defense. >> and there was an epic struggle in that bedroom and. >> she's the one with the-- and she's the one with the gun. come on. >> and uurookkahn was jumping for joy when he scratched off the lottery tickets, but he went to the hospital and died. >> and levels of cyanide. >> aj mccarron led his team to victory. >> the guy who is announcing the game, brent musburger took the opportunity to introduce her to the audience. >> you quarterbacks get the good looking women so if you're a youngster in alabama, start getting the football arouin the back yard and throwing it around with pop. >> and he's been set agree, according to tunisia ordering
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the release of ali hazi. >> greta: we have all that, but levinson, extraordinary photos of him as a hostage. in 2011 i vanished into thin air and two years ago, a hostage video anonymously sent to levinson's family raising the possibility that levinson was being held by terrorists. but now, u.s. intelligence officials say the iranian government may be behind the video and just released photos. and his wife is calling for added pressure on iran and she joins us, good evening. >> hi, greta. thank you for having me. >> greta: i'm happy to have you here. every time we have you on the air i i think some day you and i will be talking and your husband will be sitting next to you and the photos now released tonight give a lot of hope that your husband is still alive. i take it you believe he's still alive?
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>> i believe he is still alive. i believe that he is spending every waking hour making sure that he is well enough to come home to us. >> greta: now, when you look at these pictures, do you have any idea when they may have been taken? are they dated in any way? >> i have not been able to find a date on these. i do think that they were taken earlier than the video, only because i have been told that doctors have looked at the video and said that he could not possibly have grown hair like he has in this picture the way in the short amount of time between the pictures and the video. >> greta: now, we don't show the hostage video here, we're just using the still pictures. >> right. >> greta: i'm curious when you look at the picture, do you have any doubt whatsoever that's your husband? >> no, no, not at all. this is my husband. >> greta: it was suggested by secretary of state clinton at
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least a year ago, maybe two years ago, that he was being held someplace in south asia, a suggestion being held in pakistan by terrorists. do you know why she thought that? >> the e-mails came from pakistan and that is why i believe we started looking at the possibility, but i don't believe that he is there. i believe he is still in iran. >> greta: when you say e-mail, you mean the e-mail containing these photos, right? >> correct. >> greta: i know an effort was made to try to find the source of the e-mail. do you have any idea at all who may have sent them to you? >> no, the e-mail address was used one time and one time only. >> greta: was it an e-mail to you directly or to somebody else? >> it was directly to me. >> greta: so, i mean, i guess that either they-- i assume that the e-mail was obtained from your husband, your e-mail address, that's how they got it, was that your
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assumption? >> you assume so because he had that on his person when he disappeared, or was taken. >> greta: all right. so, now there's been a shift. now the united states, the state department believes, and i don't know, do you believe this as well, that he's not being held by terrorists, but by the iranian government or someone in iran? >> i do believe that the iranian government has my husband. >> greta: when you go back in history the last couple years, the united states has been very aggressive to try to get americans home. the best examples, the three hikers, three college students, hikers there. are they trying to help you? what are they doing for you? >> well, the fbi, the people working the case on a daily basis are fbi agents. and they have tried very hard to find out information about bob and get him returned to our family safely. unfortunately, that hasn't happened. they haven't been able to get
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the kind of information we would hope they would be able to obtain. diplomatically, it takes a long time for each diplomatic request to go through all of the channels and i know over the course of all of these years, that the government and the state department have tried to do that, but have been unsuccessful. i feel that there needs to be more attention to the case and that's why i am putting these pictures out and trying to get everyone to -- to be reminded that bob is still missing. >> greta: and i assume-- >> or in custody. >> greta: some communications, maybe not directly between the u.s. and iran, but through some other third nation. has iran ever made an admission that they know where he is or that they're holding him or want him for any particular reason? or have they denied flatley that they have him? >> the only time we ever received information about bob was in april of 2007 when a
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state sanctioned station, press tv published a page that said that bob was in iranian custody and would be released in a few days. >> greta: what can we do for you and your family? >> i'm just hoping that you will make sure that everyone is aware that he is not home, that all of the other americans, iranian americans and americans that have been held in iran have been returned home and bob has not. this is very frustrating. our oldest daughter is getting married in a month and we don't have any reason why bob is being held and we have no information about how to get him home. and we know that iran can do that. >> greta: have you spoken, have you had any chance to speak directly over the years directly to secretary of state or president obama about your husband. it
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i've spoken to each of them. >> greta: and they've said what. >> they'll do everything they can to help get bob home. >> greta: and what are they doing? >> i believe that they're working through diplomatic channels, as i said. the ones i know working on a daily basis are the fbi agents and they have been extremely diligent in uncovering anything they can find about bob. >> greta: well, i know that you've been very patient. your family has been very patient and i know you want the government to do anything it can. i just hope that the united states can sort of step up the pressure, we don't like to leave americans overseas like that. anyway, christine, thank you, always nice to see you and come on back. >> thank you. thank you. >> greta: and now, new dangers from the recently published gun map, the ones showing the names and addresses of new york gun owners. rockland county officials saying the map is putting their officers in the line of fire. that jail inmates are talking to corrections officers, threatening the officers that they may know the officers'
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home addresses. and good evening, sheriff. >> good morning. >> greta: sheriff, give me an idea what's happening with the threats? >> basically the officers are on edge and it's really, like i said, it's uncalled for and i want to put everything at ease. and i would hope that the journal news would retract this map and put it away. i don't know what point they were trying to prove, but they've caused a lot of disharmony within law enforcement and with the public at large. >> greta: is it now too late, now that it's published, you know, is there any way to sort of rehe move it from the internet? i guess it's an interactive map. and i guess 25% of the names and addresses are wrong. what would you want them to do at this point? >> pull it down. don't give the criminal element the ability to search that map for law enforcement. now, when i say law enforcement, not only correction, police, probation,
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parole officers, d.e.a. agents, fbi, secret service, ro rockland county have a large number of law enforcement in rockland county and home owners, store owners. >> greta: have you spoken to anyone at the newspaper? >> they did call me to ask me to explain to them exactly what was transpiring with our corrections officers, as they indicated you can't just pick out somebody's name and find them. that's not the way it's working, they are he going to the phone and calling home, gang members, friends, identifying the names and going through the maps on their own and searching out where the officers might live. and top of that, we have almost 8,000 active and retired new york city police officers that live in rockland county, all-- >> did you get-- i'm sorry, go ahead, sir. >> all of these people have done law abiding things and all of them have enforced the
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laws of the state of new york and upheld the constitution and now they or their families are at risk. >> do you have a sense they called they genuinely want to find out what's wrong or they're looking for another story and trying to get another statement from the sheriff. >> i think they're trying to get another statement, but i'm standing on one thing, public safety, the safety of the public and includes law enforcement personnel and the public at large. >> greta: is there any indication that the newspaper is going to pull that map down? >> i have seen no indication at all. i know legislature is actually them to pull it off and the internet, the sites, but i don't see any indication at this time that they're going to do that. >> greta: sheriff, thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. >> greta: and new york's putnam county, which is next to rockland county is refusing to release the names and addresses of gun owners. putnam county district attorney adam levy, calling it a matter of public safety.
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he joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> greta: i take it this is a public record so how are you preventing turning this over to the newspaper or whoever else requests it. >> well, first of all, greta this is absolutely a public safety issue, as you said, it's not a gun issue. we are complying with the law. the fact that names and addresses are public record as you indicated does not mean to the public to be turned over. that's not what the law says. there are specific exceptions in the law for the reasons that the sheriff indicated. not only are there public safety issues for law enforcement personnel in rockland and westchester county and in putnam county and others, but you also have not only the licensed permit holders who are at risk by having their names and addresses included on that map, but also, their neighbors, who don't have guns, who chose not to purchase guns and possess them lawfully, because they become soft targets. there are exceptions in the law and we're complying with
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the law and request the journal news to simply withdraw their request. >> greta: i'm curious, you're not going to do it because there are exceptions to the law and i'm curious and maybe you don't have the answer. is the governor able to serve any executive order to sort of change the public records or to change the law or does it have to go through legislature and can they do it on an emergency basis to give you backup? >> my understanding, greta, passed already a bill pending that would prevent this type of disclosure from taking place. that bill is held up in the assembly. but we're okay, we're okay on the law. we're okay with case precedent. we're okay with the statute itself. so, as far as i'm concerned, my county executive, my county clerk, we are complying with the law, we're protecting the citizens and doing the job we're required to do under the constitution. >> greta: it the newspaper who published the neighboring counties records, is that the paper asking you for your records? and how long ago were the records asked for or they sort of abandoned that. >> it was before the holiday
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and yes, it's the same paper. >> greta: have they made any sort of -- have they backed off because of hue and cry from the people or aggressively pursuing it. >> no, they made their request and our obligation to provide them in writing with our answer, which we will do, and they have an opportunity to appeal that to the county executive and of after the county executive issues a decision, if the journal news wishes to do so bring it to the appeals court and article 78 and request the supreme court judge review it and reverse it, and i believe we will be successful. >> greta: you know what's bizarre when i was talking to the rockland county, about 25% of the records are wrong. people who may have registered five years ago, may have moved to another county, another state and the records with that type of error, 25%, i'm curious, you know, why any of these records would be released while they're-- until they can be checked out. what's being released is just
7:16 pm
misinformation at best. >> right, it seems to me that the journal news did not think this through very well. they didn't think it through on public safety grounds and certainly didn't think is through on legal grounds. if they didn't think it through on safety or legal grounds, they didn't think about safety. they should reconsider their position. >> greta: i get the feeling that they will back off, the outrage, i suspect you're not going to hear from them again. >> could be, probably the best move because we're not backing down. >> greta: sir, thank you very much. there's grisly new information in the trial of the woman accused in the murder of hess ex-boyfriend. jodi arias is accused shooting and stabbing and slitting his throat in the shower. and today in the courtroom, the medical examiner testified about the bloody attack and
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alexander's fatal wounds. >> i thought the gunshot wound may have been lost, but in any event, the gunshot wounds and the wounds to the neck would have had to have come after the defensive wound of the hands. >> greta: former l.a.p.d. defective mark furman joins us. we didn't put up the information, but the jury would hear, mr. alexander kept a blog and the last entry described as haunting, two weeks before the murder, he wrote about trying to find a wife, this type of dating to me is like a very long job interview, desperately trying to find out if my date has an ax murder pent up inside of her. what a haunting blog note, right? >> oh, it's -- it's going to be very useful for the prosecution because the defense is saying this is self-defense because they claim that he psychologically, basically psychologically beat her. well, this kind of shows that
7:18 pm
travis, the victim, was thinking exactly that thing of her and he was trying to distance himself from her. >> greta: well, when you look at -- i don't have the schematic of where his wounds were, but a number of stab wounds, and throat slashing and gunshots and that doesn't sound like someone who is the aggressor, someone himself who might have had a self-defense, had the shoe been on the other foot. he looks like he has the defensive wounds. >> you're exactly right. he's got the defensive wounds, she has none. she came over to his house, he didn't go to hers. but there's something interesting with her defense, greta. certainly, if she's going to claim self-defense she's going to have to get up on the stand and she's going to have to testify and justify each and every wound and why. now, several of those wounds, he was already incapacitated on the ground or on the shower floor or in the bedroom floor,
7:19 pm
bathroom floor. so self-defense is not black and white, there's a reason for people to use self-defense, once that stopped, you have an obligation under the law to cease and flee, you don't get it kill the person because they did something you felt was life threatening. >> greta: you said she's going to have to take the stand. you mean technically, the constitution couldn't require her to, but in order to prove self-defense tactically she is he' got to get up on the stand. she's got a couple of other problems, number one, self-defense is not the first defense asserted. the first defense she didn't do it, didn't know anything about t the second defense apparently somebody else was there, did it, can't identify the attackers. the third defense is that it's self-defense when you start having multiple defenses that's a hard sell to the jury, why you keep changing your defense. >> well, i don't know what the defense attorneys are going to do. if ne don't put her on the
7:20 pm
stand for a self-defense when the-- she is, somebody claiming self-defense and takes both murder weapons and they probably have been disposed of someplace between arizona and salt lake city, utah. so, to say that, that is ridiculous and then you clean, try to clean the crime scene, you try to destroy evidence, but what you said about these other two defenses, i'm sure that the judge would probably prohibit the prosecution from bringing those up until she takes the stand and then she'll open the door, regardless of-- she'll open the door and the prosecution will drive a train right through it. >> greta: if she made those statements to police officers, lawfully under the circumstances, those, whether she takes the stand or not those are going to come out if she made three separate statements, i didn't do it, i was there, but don't recognize the people or self-defense, whether she takes the stand or not you know, the jury may be hearing those and that's not going to be an easy sell on closing arguments for the defense, but we'll see. mark, thank you. >> thank you.
7:21 pm
>> greta: and straight ahead, a very mysterious death. a man wins a million dollar lottery and the state cuts the check to him and the next day, he's dead. cyanide. who poisoned him? you'll hear what his wife has to say and listen to this one, a union boss calling for a city council president's castration. you heard right, castration. find out what in the world made him say that. plus, did you hear what last night's national football championship game announcer said about the alabama quarterback's girlfriend? everyone is talking about it and you're going to hear yourself coming up. the story keeps changing. so i'm not listening... to anyone but myself. i know better nutrition when i see it: great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like naturalrains. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. for multi grain flakes tt are anxcellent source of fiber
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>> in illinois man wins the lottery. the state cuts him the check. the next day he turns up dead.
7:25 pm
the medical examiner concluded he died of natural causes, but did he? a suspicious relative asked authorities to take another look. >> being that it's an ongoing investigation with the the police and state attorney i'd rather not say which family member was involved, but they did relay significant concern to our doctor that this may have been something other than a natural death and then we acted on that. a cyanide screen came back positive at which point, our office then contacted the chicago p.d. and they really geared up their investigation. >> greta: the lottery winner's death now ruled a homicide. his blood full of cyanide and an associated press reporter jason kaiser just spoke with his wife and he's here with the latest. what did his wife have to say? >> well, his wife was, i think, like a lot of people who watched the story unfold for the past few days since it broke. she's very -- she seems very distraught at the news that not only did she lose her
7:26 pm
husband, but he may have in fact been poisoned and killed. she said she seemed just not able to grasp that this could happen and she remembered her husband as a, you know, a very generous man who was always a businessman, he owned some dry cleaners in the area that he set up when he emigrated here from india, back in 1989 and he was also willing to help out others who were in need and in fact, would often donate money, send money back home to orphanages in his native india, so he ishe's baffd how a man like that could have any enemies, she doesn't believe it's possible that somebody could have been targeting him. >> greta: the lottery ticket, he got the ticket last july.
7:27 pm
he died last july. there was suspicious cast days after his religious burial and in november they concluded it was cyanide, homicide. and they're planning to exhume his body. do they know any reason why anyone would want to kill him? >> no, that's the baffling, one of the baffling things about this story, really, authorities have not put forward any theories as to why someone would want to kill this man. they haven't named any suspects or even said whether they have any suspects that they're looking for. they have not even said whether they think that, you know, a motive could be linked to the lottery win. so, there's not a lot to go on at this stage, but they are sticking by their revised conclusion that he was purposefully poisoned and that
7:28 pm
this was a homicide. >> greta: all right, and he won a million and went down to 600 for immediate payout. paid taxes down to 425. he died and then the money, about a couple weeks later goes to his heirs and his estate so his heirs have the money, correct? >> well, yeah, the check was cut. he died a day later. the money was paid out. because mr. kahn had no will, it went to his estate, but it's tied up at the moment in probate. so, you know, really nobody has collected it. >> greta: nobody has collected it yet. >> that's correct. >> greta: jason, thank you and we'll be following it, this certainly is a bizarre one. thank you. >> yeah, you're welcome. >> greta: and coming up, talk about nerve? remember how we, meaning the taxpayers, bailed out insurance giant aig from the brink of collapse? do you know what that company is now considering?
7:29 pm
suing us, taxpayers, what ingreats. that's next. and plus the video that gives new meaning to wedding crashers. a wedding in a hot air balloon crashes, caught on camera. you'll see that coming up. and calling for a president to be castrated. what's with the union hostility? you'll find out. ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it.
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>> there's a new breakout star from the big alabama-notre dame game. but it's not a football playerment katherine webb, the girlfriend of alabama quarterback aj mccarron and happens to be miss alabama and now, webb is an internet sensation, too, she gained tens of thousands of twitter followers during last night's game after espn cameras kept pointing her way and webb caught the attention of commentator brent
7:33 pm
musburger. >> do you see that lovely young lady, she's also miss alabama and that's aj mccarron's girlfriend and right there on the right is dd bonner, i am that's his mother. and you quarterbacks, you get the good looking women, what a beautiful woman. wow, whoa! >> aj-- if you're a youngster in alabama start getting the football out and throw he it around the back yard with pop. >> tonight espn is apologizing for some of must burger's commentary, saying he did go too far. as for webb, she's picked up more than 142,000 new twitter followers and now to a giant slap in the face to taxpayers. this was insurance giant aig then. >> thank you, america for the freedom to insure a brighter future. >> when we make guarantees for people's lifetimes we have to act as a company who makes sure we are here for their lifetimes. >> we made a commitment to repay and we did and gave america a profit. pretty proud of that.
7:34 pm
>> helping people recover. >> greta: and that's-- this of course is now. aig considering joining a 25 billion dollar lawsuit against the very people who saved the company, that of course is the taxpayers. and that does mean you. that's right, as a thank you for the 182 billion dollar bailout to save their neck, they say sue the federal government. and michael, tell me why are they thinking of suing the federal government, the taxpayers? >> sure. so, aig is actually saying that they're being asked whether to join this lawsuit that was filed by their former chief executive, a man named maurice greeneberg, who has cue sued, arguing that the rescue of aig violated shareholders rights and was too punitive and punished them too much. and so, he sued the government and basically asked aig to come in and represent him and other shareholders as well. >> greta: well, this is-- it lit everybody on fire on a bipartisan basis, but on greta
7:35 pm
wire, congresswoman maxine waters is ripping them apart as a lot of people are. did anyone force aig to take the bailout? >> no, that's one of the main arguments that the government made. no one forced aig's board back during the the financial crisis to take this bailout. they chose to take it, they chose to give the government an 80% stake. they chose to pay this loan with a high interest rate. no one really forced them to take it and that's sort of what the government says, it was entirely their choice. >> now, the government's out of their 80% stake, is that right? and what was the interest rate? >> the interest rate was pretty high. i don't feel the exact percentage, but the government itself has said that it was punitive and it was meant to be a punishment, it was meant to punish aig for getting in that situation where it had to be bailed out by taxpayers in the first place. >> did anyone feel like after all the american taxpayers, thank you, pr campaign and now we're sort of kicked in the
7:36 pm
teeth after we rescued them and saved their hide, trying to sue us because they didn't like the life lenawee threw them? >> to be sure. aig itself is simply saying, we're doing this because we have legal duty to our shareholders as well to see whether or not we can get some more money from them. but they haven't decided and they will have a meeting of their board of directors tomorrow morning where they're going to listen to lawyers for mr. greenberg and lawyers from the treasury and from the new york fed and then they're going to decide in a couple of weeks. and aig actually put out a statement this afternoon saying we're still very thankful to taxpayers for the money that they gave us and helped us survive, but we also have this duty to shareholders as well. >> greta: they have a fiduciary duty to shareholders, but if we hadn't bailed them out, they wouldn't have a fiduciary duty to anybody because they'd be in the gutter. there's such thing as the bottom line and hope they have enough sense, i'm happy for
7:37 pm
the american taxpayers, and i'm taking the last word on that. thank you. and the federal government face ago money problem, turns out the federal government is going to run out of money sooner he than we thought. mid february. what about our credit rating? that's just starters. and eric hill joins us, nice to see you. we've seen the debt the end of december, now what. >> timothy geithner is taking extraordinary measures to prevent the u.s. from defaulting on obligations such as social security benefits and tax refunds and he has about until mid february, experts estimate or about march 1st in order to prevent the default. >> greta: are we talking about extraordinary methods basically trying to find cash under every rock to pay our bills. extraordinary methods sounds so professional and so nice, he's scraping every cent he can find. >> a couple of major places he can look, exchange stabilization fund normally used for foreign currency
7:38 pm
exchanges, something you know, that the federal employee retirement system fund, he's preventing-- >> he's raiding, he's raiding. >> he's reinvestments right now to stave off default of the debt ceiling. >> greta: today has there been any discussions that you know of between the white house and capitol hill what to do about the debt ceiling or sequestration by the principals? >> not that i know of. right now we're seeing posturing that happens, republicans are saying that there has to be an equal number of spending cuts for every dollar the debt ceiling is raised and the white house making it clear their position, they're quote not going to negotiate on the death ceiling or held hostage. we're kind of at a stand still. >> greta: and i know you're reporter and comment, the idea that we're going to go broke in weeks, and no more money under stones and downgraded, and not able to meet our obligation, internationally and fact that the principals aren't talking and posturing is appalling.
7:39 pm
and any plans to, timothy geithner is going to be leaving before this is resolved as secretary? >> looks that way, looks like very soon to be an announcement, jack lew chief of staff to president obama will be replacing timothy geithner and today, my colleague and i were reporting on a story where wall street's pretty much fine with that although they view geithner as something of an ally and lew as something of an unknown to geithner they feel that overall policy is going to be the same. lew and geithner were pretty much toeing the same line debt ceiling and budget negotiation including the fiscal cliff that happened. >> greta: the irony of opening the door to your new office and finding an office full of manure because the other guy left is fascinating. eric, thank you. >> thanks a lot. >> greta: a video that everybody is talking about a dream wedding in a hot air balloon takes a surprising and scary turn. the bride and groom just exchanged wedding vows over the skies in san diego, and the wind began to swing it back and forth like a pendulum, force it go to crash
7:40 pm
into a fence in the neighborhood. the bride and groom are uniphased and now on their honeymoon. that's what you call a wedding video. and coming up, it could be a devastating blow to the investigation, the benghazi terror attacks and one of the only suspects in custody was just released. a live report from tunisia. in two minutes when you thought you've seen it all. a new reality show sparking outrage before it aired. has tv finally gone too far. you see yourself and then you decide. that's just two minutes away. searing for a bank designed for investors like you? tdd#: 1-800-345-2550
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7:43 pm
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7:46 pm
president obama formed the task force after the shooting in newtown, connecticut which killed 20 young students and six adults. a stunning sight at an airport in new york. thousands of vehicles damaged during superstorm sandy are now lining the runways at a long island airport. look how many there are. a company looking to auction all of these off and paying the town of riverhead millions of dollars to store the cars. some residents aren't happy saying they're concerned the damaged cars could leak fuel into the ground water. i'm ainsley earhart and now back to "on the record" with greta. greta. >> this could be a huge blow to the investigation to the benghazi terror attack. tunisian authorities releasing one of the only suspects in custody. you remember in october the 26-year-old tunisian man arrested in an airport at turkey with false papers, extradited from turkey to tunisia in custody. at the time authorities saying they strongly suspected he was involved in the 9/11 attack that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other
7:47 pm
americans. tunisia charged the man with membership after terrorist organization and only after senator lindsey graham intervened tunisia finally permitted our fbi to question the man, but now, a judge has freed the suspect due to lack of evidence. the national correspondent joins us live from tunisia. why did they release him and do they suspect he's part of 9/11 or not. >> hi, well, i think that they released him because the evidence against him was largely circumstantial. there are a lot of reasons to be suspicious this have man. he spent time in prison and a few years back on charges of wanting iraq, jihad there. and he was in nabir at the time and questioned whether he was planning to go to syria and fight there. but i think ultimately, they didn't have anything solid on him. >> greta: the fbi finally, our fbi are finally able to question him. do you have any information now on your end in tunisia,
7:48 pm
what information he gave them? we're getting nothing on this end. >> well, no, i mean, the americans have certainly been in touch and cagey about what actually took place and the tunisia not discussing it in any detail. and what's interesting, an extremist group here in sharia and published photographs of the fbi agents allegedly did the questioning on one of their official media networks. and i think in indicates a connection between harzi and this extremist group here in tunisia, but it does raise some questions about who this guy is. >> greta: it was very difficult for the u.s. to get permission to question him. it took a u.s. senator lindsey graham to intervene. i'm curious, is there a way to sort of generallylize or characterize the view in tunisia of the united states or the american government or is that too tough to generallylize? >> well, i think that in general the tunisian people are very welcoming of the united states, but certainly,
7:49 pm
when we saw the attack on the american embassy here, just after the attack on the consulate in benghazi, and there are a number of people who are very hostile. there was an an attack that burned out some of the buildings near the embassy in a concerted effort to get inside and do harm so some of the americans. so there is an extremist current here and people also u.s. interests. >> greta: alice thank you very much reporting from live from tunisia. we'll continue to follow it story americans are very interested in what happened in benghazi and regrettably at least we have to have publicly in the united states. alice, thank you. straight ahead, why is this union president so hostile? he called for castration after city council president. also is mcdonald's changing its name? take a look at the golden arches in this video. you're going to find out what's up next. in staples rewards for every ink cartridge you recyc
7:50 pm
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>> greta: you can see a lot of anger. not only did we see what happened in wisconsin we saw some in michigan with right to work lieu, now, we're seeing this. talking about chicago last night. >> now this, guy dennis duffy
7:56 pm
said castrating remarks that, is not good. he campaigned in wisconsin against governor walker. so he's very active. byron, thank you. >> thank you. >> check out this one. are the golden arches getting a makeover? mcdonalds will temporarily change signs at some restaurants but you'll only be able to see them in australia. it will be called maccs. the signs will display the name in honor of australia day, january 26th but regular signs will return february 4th. coming up, last call, tourists may expect to see kangaroos in australia, but not here, where does this roo turn up? you'll see, next. sentra apart and completely reimagined it? ...with best-in-class combined mpg... and more interior room than corolla and civic? ...and a technology suite with bluetooth, navigation and other handy stuff? yeah, that would be cool.
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